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Building Up or Building Out

The Pros to adding a second storey

Building up or building out? Blue Horizon Projects specialise in building second storey additions for your existing property. If you have ever questioned whether this may be more beneficial than building out, then we can certainly help you make the right decision. Adding a secnd storey isn’t necessarily the more expensive option. When you consider a second storey to enjoy a hidden view or extra living space you will be guaranteed to end up with an exciting “new” home feel and a home that will most likely last you for many years to come, especially if you have a young family.

Living on the Central Coast has so many benefits and if you love where you live it is often a heartbreaking decision to have to leave because you have outgrown your home. With house prices rising, it is not easy to sell and upscale so families are leaning towards large renovations, knockdown rebuilds or adding a second storey addition. A second storey addition is an excellent way to go as you maximise your property space by keeping your yard and increasing the square footage of your home. Stay in the neighbourhood you know and love by building up. If you have plans to add another level to your home, give us a call. Blue Horizon Projects are Building specialists on the Central Coast, focusing on second storey additions.

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Building Up vs Building Out


Specialising in second storey additions or renovations makes us the right building company to ask about whether you should add another storey or a single level renovation. We are extremely passionate about maximising your land space and that means building up. There are many reasons why owners decide to add second storey additions to their home and we have listed the main benefits that we see, however, there are plenty more things to consider when looking to add another level to your home.

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Do you need more space?

This is a common issue for growing families. all of a sudden the once comfortable family home is bursting at the seams and your family has outgrown the liveable space. Building up can certainly give you the much needed extra space as well as allow you to rethink your layout to maximise your available space even more.

Is your home outdated?

Adding another addition may just be the facelift your home needs from the exterior point of view as well as the interior. Adding a second storey gives you the repaint, change your flooring, kitchens and bathrooms and just generally give your home a fresh look.

Do you love where you live?

The Central Coast is full of amazing places to live. With house prices escalating, staying in the home you love and building up is probably a very viable financial option. This way you get to stay in your favourite location and you get the added benefit of extending your liveable space without eating into your yard space. Investing in a second storey renovation may well be one of the best financial decisions you have ever made. It will increase the value of your home and you won’t have to over-capitalise.

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