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Blue Horizon Projects are highly qualified and experienced house builders Central Coast.

Do you dream about making the Central Coast your home? Our team of licenced, qualified and professional house builders will make your vision a reality.  

The Central Coast is a beautiful coastal town an hour north from Sydney and is the perfect place to build your dream home. The population on the Central Coast has been growing in recent years due to its close proximity to the major cities, laidback lifestyle, beautiful beaches and thriving communities.

There are schools, shopping, national parks and activities, so if you want to get away from the city, making it the perfect place to build a house that you will want to live in forever. There are some fantastic land development opportunities in all areas of the coast, and the value for money is great.

Of course, you are going to need some professional and experienced house builders to do the job, which is where Blue Horizon Projects comes in! 


Did you know that there were  35’000 houses built in 2018 alone? 

Everyone has their vision of what their dream house will look like. Blue Horizon Projects job is to make that dream house a reality.  Whether you prefer a Country French Style House, Colonial, Victorian, Modern, Cottage Style or a Contemporary House Design, we have the tools, resources and expertise to handle it all. Your house is extremely personal and special, as it is the place you want to ultimately live in, grow old in, raise a family in and be happy in, and we understand this. That is why is vital to hire licenced, experienced house builders that know what they are doing, and will handle the project with respect. 

Employing a team of house builders on the Central Coast can also be quite expensive, (more cost-effective than the cities though!) so you want to invest your money wisely, hiring house builders that will do the right thing. This way, your home will be built correctly, need less maintenance and repairs, and look amazing. 

Blue Horizon Projects Building Services

Blue Horizon Projects specialises in 

We are not just house builders. We offer a wide range of other services including design, idea and DA approvals. Blue Horizon Projects have several on-hand reliable contacts in the architectural industry. We also have built strong connections with professional engineers, certifiers, kitchen suppliers, tilers and many other professionals in the building industry. 

New House Builds

Building your dream house doesn’t have to be stressful. With a wealth of experience in the home building industry, Blue Horizon continuously strive to create innovative new house building designs, specialising in bespoke construction for indoor and outdoor projects. From conception to completion and everything in between, we will create the home of your dreams that is completed within the set time frame and within budget. We only employ the best of the best and rest assured our licensed house builders will deliver.

Building A New House

There is a lot involved in building a new house, and the team at Blue Horizon Projects on the Central Coast have the expertise to guide you through this process. Once you have done your research and have worked with a designer to finalise the plans and design for your house, we will review your plans and discuss your brief with you.

We will then draw up a quotation, taking into account all the details provided and have a follow-up discussion with you after it has been received. Once you have decided to commission your new Central Coast house build with us, we will start planning, designing and processes to make it as hassle-free and full service as possible.

We will keep you in the loop at this time to ensure you always know what is going on.

After this, our Central Coast team of licensed house builders get to work! We will build your dream house to the specifications discussed.

Once the building has completed we will perform a handover, go over the project and provide you with the necessary documents. After several months, we will follow up with you to ensure you are enjoying your home.

What our clients say about us


Blue Horizon Projects Central Coast understand that building a new house can be stressful and overwhelming, and we take great care to ensure that when you work with us, that this is reduced. We do this by working with you every step of the way, regular communication and managing expectations. Our aim is to create your dream house and ensure that it is built to last. Our values of trust, reliability and expertise are seen in everything that we do, and you only have to look at our testimonials to see this! 

We ensure that our team of builders are all licensed and experienced so that you know your home is in good hands.

As a local Central Coast business, we know the region well. If you are thinking of renovating, building or adding another storey to your home, Blue Horizon Projects are the home builders to call.  Contact us today to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your project. Your home is your castle, so let us build your perfect one!