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Blue Horizon Projects are highly skilled luxury home builders Central Coast. With a large portfolio of custom built luxury homes, we specialise in building homes that fit the requirements of the owner and homes that stand out in the street for quality and design.

Every home starts with a vision and from there the design starts to take place. Our clients engage with us at an early stage in their process and we work together to design and build a home that not only is the epitomy of quality workmanship, but brings the visions and dreams to life of our clients.

What is a luxury home build? Central Coast Builders

A luxury home build is the process of designing and building a one-of-a-kind, high-end home that is tailored to the specific needs and desires of the homeowner. This type of build typically involves working with a team of architects, designers, and builders who collaborate to create a unique and luxurious living space.

The Central Coast is the ideal location to build your luxury home and we are excited to work on these home builds with all stakeholders involved.

The process of building a luxury home typically begins with the homeowner working with the architect and designer to create a detailed design plan. This plan will include things like the floor plan, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the style of the home, and any special features or amenities that the homeowner desires.

Once the design plan is complete, Blue Horizon Projects will begin the construction process. This involves things like clearing the land, pouring the foundation, and framing the home. We have a team of subcontractors that we work with on a day to day basis to complete things like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work.

Working with Blue Horizon Projects means that the homeowner has the opportunity to make changes throughout the construction process for things like cabinetry, flooring, and finishes. Dan from Blue Horizon Projects arranges regular meetings with the clients to review progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Once the home is complete, we take the client through the build to have a final walk-through to ensure that everything is to their satisfaction.


We are licensed builders on the Central Coast specialising in Luxury custom home builds & second storey additions
As a local business, we know the Central Coast area well and are experts in designing and modifying homes to stand up to the coastal climate and capitalise on the amazing aspects that the Central Coast has to offer, stunning beaches, unique national parks and scenic suburbs.
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Working with a local home builder

Custom Luxury Home Builds

Luxury home builders on the Central Coast are dedicated to creating homes that are not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable. Our builders are skilled in creating homes that are tailored to the specific needs and desires of our clients, whether that means incorporating the latest technology, energy efficiency or using the finest materials.
There are many luxury home builders on the Central Coast but choosing the right one can be difficult. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the home of your dreams is to work with a local builder such a Blue Horizon Projects.
Here are just a few reasons why working with a local builder is the best choice when it comes to luxury homes.

  1. Personalised Service

When you work with a local builder like Blue Horizon Projects you will receive a fully personalised service. Daniel will take the time to get to know you and understand your specific needs and desires for your new home. The entire team at Blue Horizon Projects will work closely with you to design a home that perfectly meets your needs, and we will be available to you throughout the entire building process to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Local Knowledge

Blue Horizon Projects, your Local builders have a deep understanding of the Central Coast. We know the local building codes and regulations, as well as the best materials and techniques to use in the specific climate and weather conditions of the area. This means that we can design and build a home that is not only beautiful but also energy-efficient and sustainable.

  1. Quality Workmanship

Blue Horizon Projects are invested in the Central Coast community, and we ensure that the homes we build are of the highest quality. We take pride in our work and are committed to building homes that will stand the test of time. This means that you can trust that your new home will be built with the finest materials and techniques, and that it will be a source of pride for you and your family for years to come.

  1. Strong Community Ties

Working with a local builder means that you are supporting a small business in your community. Blue Horizon Projects have been building homes on the Central Coast for over 5 years and over 15 years in the UK. Living and working on the Coast means that we have grown to understand the area and the styles of homes that work.

We like to support our local organisations and events, and we care about the well-being of the Central Coast community. By choosing to work with a local builder, you are not only getting a beautiful new home but also supporting a local business and contributing to the vitality of the Central Coast community.

  1. Cost-effective

Working with a local builder can also be cost-effective. We have established relationships with local subcontractors, which can help keep costs down. Plus, when working with a local builder, you can easily visit the work site and have face-to-face conversations with our team of builders, which can help to prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings that can lead to additional costs.

Building a Luxury Custom Home Central Coast

Building a luxury custom home on the beautiful Central Coast has many benefits over buying an existing home or building a production home.

  1. Tailored to Your Needs:
    When building a luxury home, the design and layout are tailored to your specific needs and desires. You have complete control over the floor plan, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the overall style of the home. This means that you can create a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle and meets the unique needs of your family.
  2. High-Quality Materials:
    Luxury custom homes are built with the finest materials and the latest technology. This includes things like top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry, and high-end finishes. These materials not only make the home more beautiful, but they also increase its durability and longevity.
  3. Energy-Efficiency:
    Luxury custom homes are often designed and built with energy-efficiency in mind. This can include things like triple-paned windows, insulated walls and roofs, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. These features can help to lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Increased Resale Value:
    A luxury custom home is often a significant investment, but it can also increase in value over time. A home that is built with high-quality materials and the latest technology will be more desirable to potential buyers, which can increase its resale value.
  5. Personalised Extras:
    One of the biggest advantages of building a luxury custom home is the ability to include personalised extras that are tailored to your specific needs. This can include things like a home theatre, swimming pool, spa or sauna or a wine cellar. These extras can make your home not just a place to live but also a place to entertain and relax.
  6. Unique Design:
    A luxury home allows you to express your personal style and create a unique design that stands out from the rest of your street. You can incorporate unique architectural elements, custom finishes, and other design elements that reflect your personal taste and preferences.

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Blue Horizon Projects are a local building company you can trust. Passionate and experienced, we plan with you every step of the way, making sure you are always happy.

Dedicated to providing families all over New South Wales with the home of their dreams. Contact Blue Horizon Projects now for a free quote.