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Are you looking for a builder for new home builds Central Coast?

Look no further than Daniel from Blue Horizon Projects. Daniel has a wealth of experience in new home builds and focuses his attention on the Central Coast, NSW.

The Central Coast NSW is an urban area that is growing in popularity due to its close proximity to major cities such as Sydney and Newcastle. It’s a beautiful place to live, filled with beaches, schools and plenty of things to do, but without all the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s cheaper too! It has become a very popular place for people to live, and if you are looking for new home builds on the Central Coast, Blue Horizon Projects has you covered.

The Central Coast is a great place to live, invest in or to start a family. Whether you are considering building a new home for your personal use or building for an investment property, the team at Blue Horizon Projects can assist. Our mission is to create beautiful, inspiring spaces that surpass every client’s expectations. See our services here:


If you are looking at building a new home, relocating or maybe even investing in property on the Central Coast, starting from scratch can be a good idea. When building a new home, the positives are that it will be built to your exact specifications and use in mind. Building a new home on the central coast gives you complete creative control, and Blue Horizon Projects makes the building process easy. Benefits of building a new home include:

Design It Exactly How You Want

Everyone is different and what you want in a home varies so much from what another individual or family would want. Some people may have a focus on entertaining, cooking or expanding their family. Building a brand new means you can design your home to your specifications and lifestyle in mind, rather than just buying one that fits someone else’s. You may want a bigger outdoor area or a huge open plan kitchen or want a smaller eco-friendly home. The benefit of building new is whatever your dream home is, you can make it come true.

Energy Efficient

New home builds to allow for new methods, new materials and with sustainability in mind. There are so many ways that you can reduce your energy bills with a better layout, window placement, building materials, skylights, energy-efficient appliances and style choices. When a home is built with a more sustainable and energy-efficient focus, it is bound to be more cost-effective and easy to maintain.

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New Home Builders Incentives

If you are building a new home in the Central Coast, NSW, there are significant buyer incentives that you may be eligible for. In NSW, you may not have to pay stamp duty and be eligible for a First Home Owners Grant. If you choose this new home to be an investment property, you will be able to gain tax benefits, including depreciation. Find out more here:

New Home Warranty

You can get peace of mind with a new home as it will be completely covered by warranty under the legislation. This warranty covers everything from the fittings to the appliances. Find out more about this here:

Resale Value

The Central Coast NSW is an area that has been growing in popularity and price in the property market, and this is expected to continue. This is especially true if you are building in new community areas or near big developments. Even if you aren’t planning on reselling soon, you never know what the future will bring, but there is value in investing in the emerging area of the Central Coast. 

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New Home Builds By Blue Horizon on the Central Coast, NSW

With a wealth of experience in the home building industry, Blue Horizon continuously strives to create innovative new home building designs, specialising in bespoke construction for indoor and outdoor projects.

New home builds on the Central Coast are made easy! From conception to completion and everything in between, we will create the home of your dreams that is completed within the set time frame and within budget. Feel free to contact us for your next home project.