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The Benefits of Second Storey Additions

Building a second storey addition has many benefits. Blue Horizon projects specialise in building fantastic second storey additions for many Central Coast residents. Building up is often the way to go if you are looking to expand your living space, but don’t have enough land or don’t want to lose your yard space. We often have families building a teenager or parents retreat upstairs to maximise liveable space and separate the family for a bit of privacy and relaxation.

The Central Coast is a beautiful location to live in and with house prices rising, it is not easy to sell and upscale so families are leaning towards large renovations, knockdown rebuilds or adding a second storey addition. A second storey addition is an excellent way to go as you maximise your property space by keeping your yard and increasing the square footage of your home. Stay in the neighbourhood you know and love by building up. If you have plans to add another level to your home, give us a call. Blue Horizon Projects are Building specialists on the Central Coast, focusing on second storey additions. We would love to hear from you.


We are licensed builders on the Central Coast specialising in new home builds & second story additions
As a local business, we know the Central Coast area well and are experts in designing and modifying homes to stand up to the coastal climate and capitalise on the amazing aspects that the Central Coast has to offer, stunning beaches, unique national parks and scenic suburbs.
Second Storey Additons


Never compromise on quality workmanship

We are passionate about building second storey additions and have become one of the Central Coast’s premium custom builders.

There are many reasons why owners decide to add second storey additions to their home and we have listed the main benefits that we see, however there are plenty more things to consider when looking to build up.

When you build with us you can enjoy the design flexibility that comes with adding another additions. You can plan and configure the space however you want, according to your requirements and your style. Adding a second storey addition even lets you rethink the your current space and how you can utilise that better. As a popular choice, a lot of families tend to add the bedrooms to the upper level and open up the ground level to be a large and open family space that includes the kitchen, dining room and large living area and family room.

When to consider adding second storey additions

  • Do you need more space? This is common for growing families. All of a sudden the comfortable family home that was once the perfect size is now to small and your family has outgrown your liveable space.
  • Is your home older and a little outdated? Adding another addition may just be the facelift your home needs from the exterior point of view as well as the interior.
  • Do you love where you live? If you love the neighbourhood where you live and really don’t want to leave then consider a second storey addition. It may well be one of the best investments you can make. Central Coast house prices are high and the expectation of owners now will keep the pricing on the higher side, so if you did happen to have to sell one day you would get your money back and then some.


The best advice we can give when deciding on adding a second storey addition, building a new home or renovating one, is don’t try and make other people’s dreams fit your reality. Create your own and you will be happy for many years to come. Your home will have your own unique touch and style, making you comfortable in your own space.

We pride ourselves in our reputation, trustworthiness, workmanship and attention to detail in delivering the highest quality new home builds, renovations and second storey additions to our Central Coast clients.

If you are looking to build up and add your second storey addition on the Central Coast that will suit your land and lifestyle perfectly, get in touch with the team at Blue Horizon Projects today.

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