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Building a New Home Central Coast


Are you looking at building a new home on the Central Coast? Blue Horizon Projects, located on the Central Coast are a team of local builders and renovation specialists. We know that deciding to build a new home is an exciting and daunting prospect. We have had extensive experience  with Central Coast residents building their new homes, so we know what to expect. On one hand, you finally get the dream home you have always wanted and its tailor-made to your specifications, but on the other hand, there are so many factors and things to consider, which can be overwhelming. Blue Horizon Projects has extensive knowledge and experience in building new homes, and we have put together this little guide on all the things you need to know! Contact your local Central Coast home builders today.


Building a home is expensive and usually very personal. Therefore you will want to choose a Central Coast team like Blue Horizon Projects that are trustworthy, licensed and experienced builders to get the job done. Once the preliminary research and design have been finished, you are able to enlist a building company to get started on the project. 

Two common ways to determine the builders you wish to use are: 

  • Choose a preferred builder that you have researched and get them to prepare a quote. You may choose to do this with several building companies to see your options. 
  • Choose on the basis of price. 

Just because a builder is cheaper, does not necessarily mean you will get the same outcome for less money. It is vital to do your research on the company, ask lots of questions and how you feel about the project manager. Following this, you will then commission the builder you have chosen and handover all the important design documents and approvals, and openly communicate any extra details. 


Now you have chosen your builders, have your land and design plan, it is ready to build! The timeline on this will obviously vary based on the project, but make sure you discuss this with your builder. Timelines can also be affected by a series of factors, and this is quite normal!

Stay involved during the process and keep a record of all important dates, details, communications during the build. You may also choose to hire an independent building consultant to monitor the construction on your behalf.


Around a week after the main completion of the house, you may be able to collect the keys to your new home, make any final payments, and then move in! Make sure you receive a copy of all the vital warranties, certificates and documents as per the contract you signed.

Make sure you get the builders written authority that the building is completed and safe to move into. All of these documents are important to have in case there are any issues after you move in, for warranty purposes, and for future renovations or if you choose to sell.

Building a new home on the Central Coast does is easy, if you work with the team at Blue Horizon Projects. Once the project is complete we will follow up with all our clients to make sure they are happy with their new home. 

Building A New Home On The Central Coast

The Central Coast NSW has become a popular place to build a new home. The Central Coast is a bustling coastal community that features beautiful beaches, stunning national parks, great schools, hospitals, shopping and activities, without all the hassle and stress of the city.

The Central Coast is close to Sydney and Newcastle, making it a great home base for people who work or have family in those areas. So if you are considering moving to the Central Coast, why not consider building a new home with Blue Horizon Projects.

What our clients say about us


Blue Horizon Projects is an experienced building company located on the Central Coast. We know new builds can be stressful, that’s why we work with you every step of the way to ensure your home is built properly and to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and utilise our extensive experience to handle any project.

Blue Horizon Projects continuously strive to create innovative new home building designs, specialising in bespoke construction for indoor and outdoor projects. From conception to completion and everything in between, we will create the home of your dreams that is completed within the set time frame and within budget.

We want you to be happy and to have the dream home you have always wanted, and this ethos drives everything we do.  Contact us today to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your project.