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Central Coast custom home builders Blue Horizon Projects will bring your vision of your dream home to life.

Blue Horizon Projects have built many custom homes for Central Coast residents which are perfect for the lifestyle and climate. Many of our custom homes are environmentally friendly and focus on the indoor/ outdoor living spaces being integrated.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in custom home builds on the Central Coast and work with our clients every step of the way through the building phase to the final key handover.

Building a new home or renovating can be a highly stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves in our project planning, making sure that our clients enjoy the process of building a new home. We bring the excitement back to watching your dreams come to life in front of your eyes.

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Never compromise on quality

With the Central Coast property market being so strong, many people are being priced out of the market. The idea of engaging custom home builders Central Coast may seem like it is out of reach when in fact it doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive project. We can work with you and your budget to deliver a home that you will enjoy for many years to come without breaking the budget.

Our custom home builds are innovative, have high-quality design and we offer affordable building services. Before you think that building your own home is out of reach, speak to us about your plans. If you are looking for a new home, it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. With fast-moving property markets, it is also easy to get caught up in spending more than you intended in order to purchase the property you want. Choosing to build your custom home has so many advantages such as sticking to the budget you are comfortable with. Building a custom home will also result in a home that is unique and specifically designed by or for you and your needs.

The biggest advantages of building a custom home is that you have the opportunity to select everything that you want in your new home, including your appliances, floor coverings, fixtures and custom cabinetry. You have the options to install larger windows or doors or create outdoor/ indoor living spaces.


Budget Control

It is a common misconception that building a custom home is much more expensive than buying an existing home. This is exactly true, especially when you take into consideration the volatile property market on the Central Coast in 2021. Buyers are paying many thousands of dollars more just to secure a home in this market, and even then are often being priced out.

When building a custom home, you decide how your new home is built within the limits of your budget. You can control the price point of everything that goes into your home, from construction materials to special features.

Zero Maintenance

Older properties need maintenance, whether it is landscaping the yard, renovating the bathroom or building a new kitchen. Even if you buy a home that needs nothing done to it initially, you will find things that need doing once you move in. Having a new home built means that nothing is likely to break or need repairs for many years to come.

Total Control over Finishings

One of the biggest advantages of building your custom home is that you can customise every aspect of the home. You also get to choose the floor coverings, fixtures and fittings, cabinetry, appliances and window coverings. You get to select every detail that goes into your new home and you have the opportunity to see the space with the ability to make minor changes along the way.

Quality Builders

Blue Horizon Projects work with quality tradesmen and oversee the entire project every step of the way. We work with trustworthy suppliers who provide high-quality materials.

When building a custom home, you can be assured that we only use the best brands, products and materials, giving you peace of mind that you are investing your money wisely and will end up with a quality finish.


The best advice we can give when deciding on building a custom home is don’t try and make other people’s dreams fit your reality. Create your own and you will be happy for many years to come. Your custom built home will have your own unique touch and style, making you comfortable in your own space.

There are so many top reasons to build a custom home, so get started today.

We pride ourselves in our reputation, trustworthiness, workmanship and attention to detail in delivering the highest quality custom homes to our clients.

If you are looking to build a custom home on the Central Coast that will suit your land and lifestyle perfectly, get in touch with the team at Blue Horizon Projects today on 0410 733 550 or fill out our contact form here.

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Blue Horizon Projects are a local building company you can trust. Passionate and experienced, we plan with you every step of the way, making sure you are always happy.

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